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Volume 3 Chapter 1: 60% (Last Updated 11/29/17)

Late Post (Volume 2 Completion)

I felt like I should post something now that volume 2 has been basically complete.

Some more corny notes:

  • Thanks Thomas for staying along this whole time. Velmi děkuji 😀 orz
  • also a big thanks to DudeLong for reminding me to translate every week

And of course thank you all for reading!!

I’ll definitely be continuing on for further volumes, but unfortunately, updates might be a bit slower (or about the same rate as they have been recently) since I’ve started university and underestimated the workload / my free time.


Chapter 3 is finally done and all posted now 🙂

EXPECT THE NEXT ONE TO BE OUT BY THE END OF JUNE maybe idk but I’ll have it translated by the end of this month.

(also I still haven’t updated previous parts with updates I believe… or did I? I’ll be sure to check by the end of the volume)

a notice concerning terminology and past edits

so… I have been a horrible human being and forgetting to upload updated versions of /every part/

This means that the PDF differs from this website’s content.

It’s mostly small changes, but there were some terminology normalizations / changes.

Those updates will come up in the next few weeks (hopefully sooner than later).

also, as of the new part that I will be posting in the next hour or so, “communication stones” will be referred to as “linkstones” (let’s see who can catch this reference)

(also, sorry for being slow these past few months. I’ll try to pick up my pace soon?)

Again, thanks for reading o/

((I’ll also take time in this post to apologize for my random mistakes while posting, such as missing links, unclosed <div> tags, etc))

Chapter 3 Part 4 has been posted 🙂

–EDIT 2–
How ironic, I managed to break the div tags by posting this because I was typing in the HTML editor haha

Happy Holidays!


This marks (almost) the one year anniversary of Sky World on NDT 😀

(also a sorta-longish update was posted)

Enjoy the holidays!

Hiatus Over


with a shortish beginning to chapter 3.

Next update will be longer than average 🙂

Short Mini-Hiatus

Hi everything o/

Sorry for the lack of earlier notice, but I’m currently in (and will remain in) a short mini-hiatus awaiting university rejections decisions (and attempting to perfect my remaining applications).

It’s scheduled to end next week, so I’ll have update out sometime then 😀 (or maybe during the weekend?)

In the meantime, please go on the forum and take part, or go on the IRC Chat Room (i know that’s redundant but whatever)  😀 I’m usually on the IRC, so come say hi maybe? 🙂 (if you say hi in either, preferably IRC, i’ll love you eternally)


PDF And Epub Version Now Available

Straight outta the wasteland and back to the grind. It’s ya boy DevilHands here again to bring you, YES YOU, a lovely new volume for your reading pleasure. As always we hope you enjoy this volume and hope equally as much that you stick around for more to come. Until then stay frosty my friends.

Volume 1 Cover

– DH