another poll :) please answer okotae kudasai





comments with reasoning would be beautiful. please convince me one way or another

In unrelated news, the first part of chapter two will be coming up tomorrow 🙂

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6 thoughts on “another poll :) please answer okotae kudasai

  1. It techincally already classifies as a harem. The three interested parties just aren’t crowding around the MC. We’ll have to wait on that. I don’t really mind which way it goes, but I would prefer if it was just those two.

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  2. The thing is, the romantic level of the story may become a harem (although that doesn’t seem as certain as it did in vol 1), but the main goal is still the end of the blue sky. That said, I don’t dare pick a side now, it’s far too early and the tide may very well turn. (Plus I haven’t found a site that would classify this as a harem.)

    I don’t mind harems themselves, but I hate it when they end up like harems often do – they don’t. I’d like a resolution to the romantic plot, not just “and this is how it’s gonna be till the end of time” ending. I do hope that this either doesn’t turn into a full on harem or that there will be a “winner” in the end.


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