Chapter 1-2

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Chapter 1: Switzneuville on the Fifth Ring
Part 2

Sky World.
It used to be nothing more than a free online tablet RPG.
It was classified as a so-called MMORPG(massively multiplayer online role-playing games).  In this type of a game, many players connect to a single server, experiencing the same world in real time.

Sky World was once nothing more than another one of those games. It was a fantasy world with countless floating islands in the sky.
But suddenly, one day this virtual world became reality.
The Sky World players found themselves physically in the game’s universe. Nobody knew what had happened to their bodies. Rumor had it that tens of thousands of people had been sent to this world.
It was a carbon copy of the one from the game. But there was no way that the fantasy world could have been purely digital. It was far too realistic.
Just one week after Sky World went live, the Birthday happened. It has since been 165 days. The goal of this survival game, however, remains unknown.

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