Chapter 2-11

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Chapter 2: The Curse of the Pyramid
Part 11

Jun had said “I’m counting on you” to her.

That excited her tremendously.

As Kasumi inspected the ceiling, walls, and floor of the area, she had a huge smile on her face, unable to hold back her delight. Ryuka, having steadily watched her, sighed and said, “You’re such a little girl in love.”

“He-he-heeey, what are you talking about?!”

“Jun, you like him, don’t you?”

“… Yes.”

“That’s why you’re acting weird.”

“But… I, uh, am always being dragged around…”

“I don’t think so. Though I haven’t come on many adventures yet, Kasumi, I think you’re a really good light warrior. You don’t seem at all like a newbie to MMOs.” Ryuka glanced up at Kasumi. As if she noticed something in her facial expression, she smiled brightly.

“I respect you a lot, being able to like Jun this much.”

“He saved me.”

“On Altaria, right? I heard from Jun himself. But he also said that you work very hard and that he definitely wouldn’t have been able to have done it without your help.”

“I… just tried to do what Jun-san said. Though even now, I still can’t do everything myself.”

Some time ago, that was the case. She thought that in the future, she herself would be the one sent to do reconnaissance. Surely if she got attacked by strong monsters, she would have been able to endure the attacks until she returned to the rest of the group. Either way, Jun didn’t have any option other than Kasumi. That was sad.

“You aren’t enjoying yourself, right?” asked Ryuka. Kasumi couldn’t utter a response. “God. Kasumi, and even after you came clean with this… you’re pitiful.”

“I am… I’m sorry.”

“H-hey, don’t just agree with me like that!” For some reason, she panicked. Ryuka, who had apologetically curled up into a ball, smiled cutely. “Ugh, I’m not that good at cheering people up.”

“I didn’t know. Ryuka-san, I thought you were more calm and composed.”

“Lots of people say that I am for my age. Though I’m not. I just don’t show many facial expressions. In reality, I’m bad at getting angry or laughing out loud.”

“Like just now, when you suddenly panicked?”

“That was… I was just really surprised. That you would respond like that, though I think that I incited it… this is difficult.” Ryuka put her hand on her face and sighed. “Since sensei is usually one to agree obediently like that.”


“Guess it can’t be helped. Kasumi, last time you cheered me up. This time, it’s my turn to return the favor.”

“Uh, uhh. It’s fine if you don’t do so much.”

“No, this is about my honor as a merchant. I’ll do whatever I can.” Ryuka made her hand firmly into a fist. “Well, as it stands, I’m a young girl with some knowledge about relationships. I at least know the basics of love.”

At that moment, Ryuka seemed like Eri.

While they had been chatting, Kasumi and Ryuka managed to fully investigate the area.

According to Jun, they should have been watchful of signs of hollow areas when hitting the floor and walls with sticks. If the hit sounded hollow, it was possible that there was a secret passageway behind.

“I’m thinking about other patterns of traps, but I don’t know much about hidden passages.”

In accordance with what Jun had said, the two of them walked around hitting the walls, floor, and ceiling with three-meter-long sticks.

It was quite tedious. However, it was a task they couldn’t afford to neglect.

Kasumi completely forgot that they were in a dungeon. Ryuka most likely also did too.

“When you hit with the stick, first hit the floor, then the wall, and then finally, the ceiling. That’s the order in which it should be done. Only when you confirm the floor to be secure can you advance.”

They did not abide by what Jun told them to do.

Just as Kasumi took a step, she noticed immediately.

I haven’t tapped this part of the floor yet!

She was too late. Instead of feeling a hard stone floor, her body sank into the ground.

The floor disappeared.


She was too late in realizing that it was a pit trap. Ryuka shrieked and grabbed Kasumi. Kasumi fell, and along with her went Ryuka.

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