Chapter 3-11

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Chapter 3: Raid Guild
Part 11

Late at night, the full moon shining bright. About twenty adventurers hid in the meadow at the foot of Mount Kunlun.

“Hey, Jun. Are they really going to get off here?” Eri inquired, anxious. The Illusionary Brigade’s airship would arrive that night. Jun, well-informed by Sakuya, had chosen his twenty best fighters in preparation for an ambush.

However, this ambush would not take place in the harbor; it would occur in this meadow.

Of course, at the harbor, the Guard would not have let a battle break out…

“If they end up docking their airship somewhere else, all of our painstakingly hard work will have come to nothing.”

“Though docking at the harbor would normally be a no-brainer, there, they would have no choice but to put up with us. Aside from that, this location makes the most sense since it’s so close to Mount Kunlun, so they must be using it. Though that means that they could still do something unexpected…”


“If by some chance, a problem arises, we can fight freely here. I reckon we can push through with brute force. They’re too confident in themselves.”

“Well, so what’s going to happen?” said Eri, still anxious.

Loud but distant roaring broke the night’s silence. Without mistake, this had to have been the airship’s engine whirring.

Showered in moonlight, the ten-meter-long ship shaped like a mayonnaise jar landed in the field. Men began descending from the ship. There appeared five, six… ten people. And two stayed on top of the ship.

In total, there were twelve people. Jun smiled. This was exactly as Sakuya had said.

“First, we’re seizing the ship. Let’s go!”

At the signal, his troops attacked all at once.

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