Epilogue Part 1

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Part 1

Sakuya, having revived at a bind point in the middle of a remote forest, smiled as she saw the black clothed girl who had been waiting for her.

“Alice. What a disappointment. I failed. I couldn’t succeed in your request.”

However, Alice shook her head slowly, and touched the large towel covering Sakuya’s naked body as if to comfort her.

“No problem. Junichiro Mikimori knows about you. That’s the motivation he was lacking. You gave him that.”

“I see. So you’re saying that it would have been fine either way. That you would always benefit from whatever would happen.”

“I said that I would give you compensation. You’re fine with just information?”

Sakuya grinned, took Alice’s hand, and hugged her. In that position, she stroked her silver hair.

“Ulp. Uuuulp. Uuuuuuulllp”

“Your hair is really beautiful. It feels great.”

“Hey, wait a sec, let me give you your reward. Using force is mean. Let’s calm down and negotiate…”

“Your cheeks are really silky smooth. Though I hate your organization, you really are cute. Jun doesn’t deserve you. You should be mine.”

“Hold up – ‘m not interested in girls…”

Sakuya deftly held her down with one hand and stroked her hair with the other hand. Alice struggled loudly.

“Sorry. I just really love cute things. I’m straight when it comes to love, so please calm down.”

“I can’t! Wait, if you don’t listen, I’ll delete the information… okay?”

Alice’s disarray was clearly reflected in her voice. She got completely exhausted and Sakuya had to lay her down onto a bed. She then got up and put on her clothes.”

“Yeaah, don’t trouble yourself by deleting the information. My companions would get angry at me. I guess I’ve got no choice. This time, please forgive me.”

“… Perv.”

“And you can glare at me like that … Well, let’s change the topic. So about that information…” Sakuya smiled fearlessly. “Please tell me. Where’s the piece of the puzzle that we have yet to find?”

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