Chapter 4-6

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Chapter 4: The Penglai Emperor’s Resurrection
Part 6

Jun awoke in a dark room.

“Ouch… where am I?”

He got up and surveyed his surroundings. A weak light shone high up above. Though it couldn’t even penetrate all the way to his feet, he surmised it to be sunlight.

“… Are we below ground?”

The room seemed to be a stone tomb. Passageways stretched out in all four directions.

After what had happened a while ago, Kasumi and Jun’s fall ended up underneath the temple.

Jun felt around for his magic augite, took it out from his bag, and rubbed it. The stone lit up dimly and illuminated his surroundings. Not too far away, Kasumi lay collapsed.

Her HP bar had reached zero.


Jun touched Kasumi’s face and shuddered from its icy texture.

Hope fleeted. Shaking, Jun called out to Kasumi over and over again. His throat dried up. He felt dizzy in the head. After letting out a low groan, he bit down hard on his lips.

“What… is this? How could it come to this?”

This wasn’t just a game.

He knew that, yet he enjoyed himself. That’s what he told her yesterday. He would treat the situation as just a game.

Even so, Kasumi entrusted, with full faith, her own life into Jun’s hands. Yet…

“I’ve messed up big time…”

Jun’s words echoed the tomb.

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