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Arasia Island was a small island on the eighth ring. One could make his or her way around it in a single day.

Though airships passed by Arasia Island’s only settlement once daily, adventurers rarely visited the small village. Because of that, the islanders knew the ones who did well.

The eldest lady of the village said, “Kasumi-dono, it’s been a long time. It’s been a month since Sakuya-dono last came.” She smiled, further wrinkling her already wrinkly face.

When lost, some adventurers would stay on this island and leave a message. They would set up a camp here for a little while.

The calendar popularly used in Sky World split up years into twelve months each, months into thirty days each, and days into twenty-four hours each.

“Sakuya-dono told me. She and the others are all doing well. They are going to the fourth island ring. As soon as she finished what she wanted to do, she wanted to let you know where she would be waiting. Anyways, that’s the message she left.”

After Jun’s group left Altaria Island, they headed towards this island next on their airship.

“I’m happy to hear that Sakuya-chan and the others are safe. I really am.” Having heard that message, Kasumi was delighted. “If Sakuya-chan contacts you again, please tell her not to worry and that even if it takes some time, I will definitely make it up to the fourth island ring with these guys.”

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