Chapter 3-10

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Chapter 3: Team Battle
Part 10

Late at night. Having left the inn alone, Jun was walking along the main street, relying only on the moonlight.

Catching a silver glow in the corner of his eye, he stood still.

Just as he expected, it was Alice, emerging from a building’s shadow.

“I heard from Kasumi about you calling her to help. Thank you.”

Alice shook her head gently and fixed her eyes on Jun.

“Why didn’t you contact the two of them with your communication stone? Was it because you didn’t want to involve them?”

“It was my fight. It wasn’t right for me to call them .”

“Kasumi didn’t think that way.”

“How do you know?”

“I asked her.”

“Oh, did you just say too much information?”

“Are you being lazy?”

Alice tilted her head cutely. It was on purpose. Frowning, she raised her mouth proudly.


She made a fist and then disappeared again into the shadow of the building.

“Make a decision quickly. Will you choose to restrain yourself, or whether you choose freedom?”

Only her voice, carried by the wind, reached Jun.

“So… are you going to go to the End of the Blue Sky?”

“… What do you know?”

Biting down hard, Jun kept an eye on the darkness into which Alice disappeared.

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