Chapter 4-5

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Chapter 4: The Duel
Part 5

Due to the fog, Jun wasn’t able to see much looking up at the top of the mountain from the valley.

Jun could only guess as to whether Kasumi and Eri were faring well. Since Eri last contacted him with her communication stone just before the beginning of the battle, Jun had no choice but to stand alert near the place where the monster would fall.

Right about now, Jun was wondering if his plan was succeeding or whether the two of them had died tragically in battle.

Jun, being prone to worrying, was uneasy.

However… the wait would be soon over.

Just as he thought he saw a gigantic black mass fall from overhead, he heard a loud ‘thud’, accompanied by the ground shaking.

A red-named giant slowly stood up in the resulting cloud of dust.

The Veil Guardian.

Its HP had indeed gone down all the way to 10%.

The giant monster, tasked with the protection of the forgotten temple, emerged from the center of the dust cloud and looked over its surroundings.

If it moved towards where Kasumi and Eri were, he wouldn’t be able to catch up. While it was moving about, Jun drew his sword and charged towards the Veil Guardian.


Imbuing lightning magic into his sword, he began attacking. He ignored defending himself. At any rate, he had to get higher Enmity than Kasumi and Eri as soon as possible. Luckily, monsters’ Enmity decreased with distance from the character. It was right next to Jun, so he had the advantage over Eri and Kasumi on top of the faraway cliff.

While he was swinging his sword mindlessly , profound thoughts gradually began to flood his mind.

Looking up at the steel giant, whose whole body had begun crumbling, he smiled.

(Kasumi, you did it!)

That was right. She had succeeded.

That beginner girl was able to successfully execute a rather difficult strategy.

It wasn’t the work of a miracle. It wasn’t just luck either.

It was simply the result of placing tiles one at a time in order to build the road to victory.

It was just that. Jun too was astonished by her concentration and perseverance, and by how quickly she was able to progress.

One could say it was almost as if she were reborn.

Jun had only shown her the direction in which to go.

She trusted Jun. She was determined to show her trust.

The result was this dubious situation .

Though the monster was intended to be defeated only by raid groups with dozens of members, a group of just three people had managed to bring it to the verge of death.

Jun opened his mouth fearlessly, “I can’t screw up now!”

Jun’s fierce attacks whittled at the Veil Guardian’s HP. A short while later, it only had 5% left.

On one hand, his enemy’s regeneration capabilities were strong. Though he was doing fine with the magic imbued into his sword for now, if his MP ran out, its regeneration would more than cover the damage he could deal.

That was the power of an upper level raid-class monster.

It was absurd to challenge it. In order to make this absurd feat possible, he had to figure out a way to maximize his damage. He did everything he could. So…

The Veil Guardian’s HP went down to 4%.

He didn’t care. Even if it only had 1 HP left, he would fight his best.

Three percent. Two percent.

He only had a little bit of MP left.

“This is bad.”

Jun smacked his lips.

Though he already noticed a while ago, somehow, Jun’s HP was low , and the Veil Guardian’s regeneration power seemed to strengthen.

“Just as one would expect of an upper level raid-class monster.”

Jun’s team took that fact lightly.

He shook his head.

“However… if I make a mistake this far in…”

(I wouldn’t be to face them…)

Jun stopped the Veil Guardian by casting his Quick Stun.

For a moment, he was able to get a considerable distance away. His target, the Veil Guardian, stared straight at him. As the stun went out of effect, it charged fiercely at Jun.

He muttered a command, “Commence secret technique!”

He activated a special action that he had set up in advance. His normally green HP bar shined red, and his whole body was enveloped in pale light. Jun lifted his sword high up in the air.

The light gathered onto the sword.

“— Harsh Lightning!”

He swung his now shining sword downwards at the Veil Guardian, who had been getting closer.

The light swelled.

The Veil Guardian’s body became wrapped in that pale light.

With it having only a little bit of HP left, Jun was able to finish it off with just one attack.

[The Veil Guardian has been vanquished!]

The log entry appeared, quietly notifying him of his success.

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