Chapter 1-3

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Chapter 1: Switzneuville on the Fifth Ring
Part 3

Sky World was a world made up of countless islands floating throughout the vast skies.

On Altaria, an island on the eighth ring (going from top down), two girls had found a way to each other. Their names were Kasumi, a light warrior, and Eri, a white magician. Traveling together, they recruited a gunslinger named Yukaria to their group in Payang, the largest city on Lao Thai of the seventh ring.

There in Payang, though they had no reason to, they decided to take on a request by a female player shop-owner, Ryuka. In a pyramid, they fell into the Penglai Emperor’s trap. Kasumi, became on the verge of character deletion due to dying a third death.

Jun pooled together the power of those adventurers who had made Payang their hometown, and just barely managed to rescue Kasumi from that sinister fate. In the process, they had to overcome a ruthless raid guild by the name of Illusionary Brigade, complete a unique quest, and liberate the undying Phoenix from its prison.

By setting the Phoenix free, Sky World’s mechanics had irreversibly changed.

Secondary classes have been unlocked.

However, Jun had to buy up supplies from everybody in town in order to defeat the Illusionary Brigade, so he found himself with a large debt.

Two weeks after the reveal of secondary classes and 165 days after the Birthday. In order to pay off the loans, the party sold themselves out as mercenaries on the fifth ring island of Switzneuville.

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